Slow yoga is a style of yoga called Yin, but in essence the most simple description is Slow yoga. 


Slow yoga is more accessible than other styles of yoga because of its nature and it’s goals. In the words of Normal Blair, 

Pause and soften




Imagine entering a room of soft musical tones, candle light and incense, you make your way to your mat which has blocks, cushions and blankets laid upon it. Almost all the Yin Yoga postures are seated or on your chest or back, working at your own level you are supported by cushions and blocks, you soften in to each pose relaxing and surrendering into it.  I guide your breath with my voice and take you upon a journey of relaxation, of  letting go and self acceptance. I assist the process of exploring the stillness by placing a crystal upon you, sending Reiki or place a singing bowl beside.

All you need to do, 

Let Go………