Caroline Thomas

I’m your yoga teacher Caroline, a graduate in Health and Social care Management, Drama in the Community and an adult trainer. I’ve had the honour of studying with Dr Paul Linden, who is one of the leading experts in somatics and body awareness education in the world.

I am forever curious and therefore, a forever student.

I am also Aries, dynamic and enjoy being silly!

I have found that our pain quite often leads us to transformation and my journey has been no different. After several bereavements I had a realisation.

Every moment is vital, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

So I made a bold decision to change my life and its the best thing I have ever done.

I’d been practising yoga for over 15 years before I decided to dive into Yogic philosophy in India and immersed myself with gurus.

So let me share a secret with you, yoga isn’t about putting your foot behind your head or posting acrobatic poses on Instagram.

Yoga isn’t just a physical practice, its a life coaching system developed and improved over thousands of years, The 8 limbs of yoga guide us to live a better, more fulfilling, healthier happier life.

And trust me, Even I need to practice everyday!

Through yoga an awareness develops, we begin to see the interrelation between the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects.

How a disturbance in anyone area, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, effects the others. We gradually come to an understanding that even though we discuss these aspects as separate entities, they are not. We are all one.

After years of studying seemingly unrelated topics including drama, health, dance, yoga, social care, community, embodiment to name a few. I realise that like yoga, they are not unrelated, they are all one. They a part of the journey I have taken to become the best version of myself and I continue to work on it everyday.

I love sharing my passion and look forward to walking beside you upon your yoga journey.


Bespoke Yoga Journey

For many in our society yoga is used exclusively as a physical practice to sculpt the body, increase strength, flexibility and mobility. For me, and for those who choose to delve further, it becomes a lifestyle which combines physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual growth which creates a more fulfilling and happier life.

Yoga is not a theoretical concept, a religion or a science, it is a process made up of practices and tools used for century’s by groups and individuals around the world that affects all aspects of your existence, your body, your mind, your emotions, your perspective, your home and your actions.

The physical practice will assure supple joints, lengthen muscles, prevent degenerative conditions as well as benefit your cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems. In addition, practising physical asana’s focus’s the mind and body, controlling fluctuations of the mind, increasing concentration, alleviating depression and reducing stress. It is a gateway which prepares our mind and body to connect with oneself on a transformative level.

The regular practice of yoga asana’s will relate directly to your physiological and emotional life. As you challenge yourself physically and achieve new positions you will also see the world from a new angle.


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